Dr. Umar on the 'Joe Budden Podcast'

Dr. Umar Johnson has social media buzzing after his interview with “The Joe Budden Podcast.”

The 49-year-old pan-Africanist, motivational speaker, activist, and psychologist often makes headlines or trends on social media for his controversial remarks and his condemnation of homosexuality and interracial marriage.

Dr. Umar has been trending on social media all day as clips from the interview, which is currently behind a paywall, have made their way online. 

Dr. Umar Says Eminem Can’t Be One Of Best Rappers

Social media has been buzzing over Dr. Umar saying Eminem should not be considered one of the top Hip Hop artists. 

No non-African can ever be the best of anything African. It is an insult to the ancestors. It’s an insult to the race and it’s an insult to every Black person.

He continued:

Do you think I can go to Palestine and be the best of anything of Palestinian culture? You never see that. You think I can go to Israel and be the best of anything in Israel whether it be a cook, an instrumentalist, a dancer? Hell no!

Dr. Umar chastised “The Joe Budden Podcast” adding: 

We gotta stop naming non-African people as being the best of any aspect of our cultural power because it is an insult. I can acknowledge Eminem’s talent. But for you to put him at the top, that’s white supremacy, bro.

Watch the clip below. 

Check out a few more clips from the interview below.

Vanessa Bryant

Dr. Umar also accused Vanessa Bryant of not using any of Kobe Bryant’s money to help the Black community after his untimely passing. 

Cassie, Diddy, & Christian Keyes

He also stated Cassie‘s explosive lawsuit against Diddy looks like financial exploitation.

If I look at the Cassie situation with Puff – no disrespect to her – but for you to have moved on and participated in all of this to now be with another man and another family to come back after you already moved on to another family to say you did all of these things to me it looks like financial exploitation.

Dr. Umar also accused Christian Keyes of doing the very same thing. But, added that it’s worse because he’s a man.

Watch below. 

Dr. Umar Challenges ‘Joe Budden Podcast’ Co-Host Ish On His Interracial Relationship

Dr. Umar also clashed with JBP co-host Antwan “Ish” Marby, who is in an interracial relationship with a White woman.

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