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Christian Keyes via Instagram

Christian Keyes took to Instagram on Wednesday and shared how his childhood trauma impacted his ability to speak out after he was allegedly sexually harassed and assaulted by a powerful man in Hollywood. 

The actor shared a video clip from an interview with Atlanta Black Star where he recalled being brutally abused by his adoptive mother as a child. 

Christian Keyes attends the premiere screening for the new BET+ and Tyler Perry Studios’ scripted series “All The Queen’s Men” on September 09, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET )

In the caption of the video, Christian Keyes wrote: 

This is from an interview I did with @atlblackstar a little while back. Maybe it’ll be a little easier to understand why it was difficult to speak up about it, difficult to find the courage.

These powerful people target people with traumatic childhoods, and use that to bond with them and earn their trust, then they try their “attempts”… Once you go through anything like I went through, for years as a kid.

This new trauma can almost make you shut down again. And even though in the moment, you find the strength to say NO to the attempt, you still may not be strong enough to speak up, or brave enough.

Worrying about if this person was going to take away, my livelihood, worrying about how many other people are out there that that weren’t strong enough to say no and they actually said yes.

Is this person still doing it… still pressuring people to walk away from their integrity, and their morals, for an opportunity… you pray and gather the strength to speak up, and most people are in your corner and believe you…

I’m not going to respond to the ignorant or negative comments that have been made.

I just pray that those people never have to experience themself or never have any family members that go through anything this traumatic, and then they have people, talking ish about them, who don’t even know them…

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Christian Keyes in ‘All The Queen’s Men’ (Couretsy of BET+)

I previously reported Christian Keyes made headlines over the weekend after he took to Instagram and revealed a very powerful billionaire in Hollywood sexually harassed him on more than one occasion and even sexually assaulted him by grabbing his genitals. 

Christian did not disclose the identity of the man who allegedly assaulted him, which sparked a flurry of assumptions on social media about who it could be. 

While the creator and star of “All The Queens Men,” received an outpouring of prayers and support, Christian has also been accused of extortion, clout chasing, and attention-seeking by taking his experience to social media rather than a police precinct.

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