Christian Keyes attends the premiere screening for the new BET+ and Tyler Perry Studios' scripted series "All The Queen's Men" on September 09, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET )

Actor Christian Keyes took to social media and revealed he has been sexually harassed for years by a very powerful man in Hollywood. 

In his hour-long Instagram Live, Christian was vulnerable and transparent as he shared:

What I experienced with certain powers that be that we’re moving inappropriately.

And I really… like it’s in my bone marrow to discuss that because thankfully God built me the way that he built me, but I’m not sure you know based on this person‘s claims and brags that he’s literally at the same time this person was sexually harassing me for years.

He was claiming that he had multiple young black man on the payroll and they just had to show up when he was when he requested them to be there.

Clearly, that’s why it felt to him that it was okay to say these things. And I really I want to have these discussions I wanna be transparent with y’all about that.

Christian Keyes shared that he has tried to forgive the powerful man in Hollywood who has been sexually harassing him over the years. 

I’ve done my best to forgive this person, but it happens. It not just women that have to deal with it, but it’s also men sometimes and it’ll be men tempting men.

That’s why a lot of my posts over the last few years have been about taking the scenic route and taking the long way around because that means that you can carry your integrity with you.

Christian also addressed how the public praises his predator not knowing of the terrible things he does behind closed doors. 

But, there are people that will, who have and will continue to – unfortunately – offer these things and some of them are y’all heroes.

Some of them are people who y’all are like, ‘Such and such is amazing! He does this and he does that!’ Yeah, but he also does this and that.

Christian Keyes did not reveal the identity of the Hollywood powerhouse who has been sexually harassing him for years, but he noted, “At some point soon, it has to come out.”

The actor shared that he has kept discreet recording devices on him since 2005 “because most predators will check your phone.” 

Once the sexual harassment started, I was like I gotta protect me. I’m saying, ‘No,’ and I don’t want this person as powerful as they are to try to get in the way of my work.

So, I have them offering me money to take my clothes off. I have recordings of when I wasn’t working with them or for them. I have recordings of them confessing the other guys that they have on the payroll. All of the above. 

Christian Keyes pointed out that the wonderful thing about confidentiality agreements is that “they can’t prevent you from turning all of things over to the police. Because sexual harassment is a crime. Attempted sexual assault is a felony.” 

The actor shared that he really wants to reveal who the person is, but is refraining at the advice of his brother, but he added that we would immediately recognize the voice of the predator and we would be heartbroken.

I really want to air that s— out because it bothers me when I’m alone at night.

Like man, the world is celebrating this person and they don’t even know the shady and predatory way in which this person move. 

Watch a clip below.

Watch the full video here.

Christian Keyes in ‘All The Queen’s Men’ (Courtesy of BET+)

Who is Christian Keyes?

Christian Keyes is a 48-year-old actor, model, and recording artist, who was born in Detroit Michigan, and raised in Flint, Michigan. 

He began his acting career by appearing in stage plays but has since graduated to become a respected and recognizable actor who has appeared in over 60 TV and film projects.

Christian Keyes is most known for his roles in “Saints & Sinners,” “In Contempt,”  “All Rise,” and “All The Queen’s Men,” where he is also the creator, executive producer, and co-star of the show.

Who has been sexually harassing Christian Keyes?

Because Christian Keyes refrained from revealing the name of the powerful man in Hollywood who has been sexually harassing him, it has left the door open for the public to draw their own conclusions.

Tyler Perry is now trending on social media as people speculate and assume he is the “predator” Christian is talking about. 

It doesn’t help that Christian Keyes noted that he began carrying discreet recording devices on him in 2005, the same year he appeared in the film, Diary of a Mad Black Woman

The following year, Christian played the role of “Sonny” in Madea Goes To Jail, another Tyler Perry film.

In 2008, Christian Keyes played the role of “Dr. Harris” in Tyler Perry’s What’s Done in the Dark.

Most recently, Christian has starred in three seasons of “All The Queen’s Men,” the Tyler Perry series led by Eva Marcille on BET.

One person tweeted, “Y’all are bold to claim he talking about Tyler Perry when y’all legit don’t know. That is crucial to just allege that’s who he’s talking about.

Another person wrote, “Christian Keyes saying Hollywood should be the dead giveaway it’s not Tyler Perry. People who follow Tyler and have for a long time know he doesn’t deal with Hollywood really at all. He does everything on his own so he doesn’t have to.

Again, I would like to stress the fact that Christian Keyes has not named the person who has been sexually harassing him.

I’m simply sharing the public speculation and why people may have drawn their own conclusions.

Celebrities Share Words Of Support

Dondre Whitfield

Y’all don’t want to have this conversation. If we told y’all about your HEroes and SHEroes it would break y’all. Like they try to break us.

But now let’s see if our people have the same energy when MEN are the targets of sexual harassment, sexual intimidation and assault. Let’s see if we’re more interested in protecting the PEOPLE or celebrating the POWERFUL.

And why is it always the ones who talk about how God informs their decisions in life…smh.

@christiankeyes you are my brother. And I support you and the truth. ✊🏽👑

Tami Roman

Christian I’ve been around you several times and you are such a light who walks with integrity & peace. I’m sorry you’ve experienced this but I commend your bravery!

In this instance, your bravery is selfless and will protect so many who could go thru this after you.

You are the person with the strength & protection from God to handle this journey… that’s why as you stated, it’s a difficult decision… it’s been heavy on you but you feel overwhelmingly compelled to speak on it… that’s God saying it’s time and to step out for he will be with you.

Just know when there’s a Goliath in front of you, there’s a David inside of you! My prayers are with you as you heal from this trauma 💛🙏🏽

Claudia Jordan

You shared a piece of this with me when we first met may be 15 years ago and said one day you would come forward…and YOU DID and @christiankeyes I ams SOOOOOOO proud of you!

Do NOT beat yourself up for waiting. It’s hard! Especially as a MAN. I know it’s scary, and embarrassing and uncharted territory. BUT you did it! I will stand with you on this as your friend cause I know it’s true cause this is the same vibe and tone and story you shared from 2008 (I believe).

CONGRATULATIONS to you for not going along to get along and being able to look at yourself in the mirror as you shave in the morning, Other MEN and women will be saved and feel heard BECAUSE of your bravery!!!!!!! Love ya friend!

Yvette Nicole Brown 

The scenic route through his often dark business has been lovely for me. ❤️ You’ve chosen the right route, friend. Any door that opens for me that Jesus can’t go through with me is a doorway I will never cross.

God is with you. He will continue to be with you. When it’s time to name names you will know and I know your obedience will lead you to do it. God’s Way and God’s Will always. Praying for you. ❤️

Gary Owen

Sorry you had to go through this & have been carrying this with you for so long bro.

Willie Taylor

Prayers up bro. This industry is Wicked.

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