Georgia Teacher Under Investigation After Mother Says Her Daughter Came Home With Wilts On Her Back

A Georgia teacher at Dutchtown Elementary School in Henry County is under investigation for allegedly physically assaulting her students.

Brittany Walker was understandably upset and outraged when her 9-year-old daughter, Navea, came home from school with welts on her back.

Brittany said she received a disturbing phone call from her daughter’s principal just before 2 p.m. on Wednesday (October 25).

He said that, well, the only thing I can tell you was, uh, she wasn’t sexually assaulted. 

I said, ‘So does that mean she was physically assaulted?’… And, he said, ‘Yes.’

And, I said… ‘What?’

She said the principal told her there had been an incident between her daughter and a staff member, and it was being investigated by the school’s HR department.

Ms. Walker immediately went to the school to pick up her daughter, and Navea told her mom that her back was hurting.

Brittany lifted Navea’s shirt and found welts on her back.

She said, ‘Mom, my back hurts, it’s burning, it’s stinging,’ and I looked at her back, and when I pulled her shirt up, she had welts on her back.

Navea told her mom that the teacher got mad at her because they went to the library and she didn’t have her charger to charge her computer.

Navea said the teacher lined her and several other students up and hit them in their backs before she walked them out of the classroom.

She literally hit us in our backs.

We had two people that saw what happened, and another teacher came to take us to the quiet room where we can write a statement of what happened.

Brittney Walker said they filed a police report at the Henry County Police Department before she had her daughter examined at the hospital.

Brittany said she’s sharing their story because she doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else.

If I abuse my daughter, I’ll be in jail and she’ll be out of my home.

So why was she any different?

She should not be able to ever work in a school system, any school system in any state, ever again.

According to the school district, the Georgia teacher is on leave until the completion of an investigation into what they call a staff member having inappropriate interactions with students at Dutchtown Elementary School.

Reportedly, the school’s HR department is handling the investigation.

Watch the “Atlanta 11 Alive” news report below.

Parents, if your child comes home from school with welts on their back – what’s your next move?

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