Listen, Linda! Jason Derulo is about that action!

The singer was caught on video laying hands, like a baptist pastor, on some dudes who were trolling him in a Las Vegas hotel early Tuesday morning.

It’s unclear what transpired before Jason started dropping those 5th Ward Bs on them, but it appears to be a clear case of let’s troll the famous guy and get him to blackout so that we can sue him.

The video, posted on TMZ, shows Jason Derulo, his security, and a bootylicious woman coming down an escalator in the ARIA hotel.

As they were coming down, the peanut gallery started instructing each other to film. One person is overheard talking about getting paid.

Once Jason reached ground level, someone yells:

Hey, Usher! F**k you, b**ch!

That’s when Jason instantly went Mortal Kombat.

Watch the video clips below.

The two men declined to press charges on Jason, but they do have up to a year to file a lawsuit against him for the altercation.

Jason did receive a trespassing notice from the hotel.

As you can imagine, Jason is currently trending on Twitter as people react to the video of the altercation and get their jokes off.

Peep a few tweets below.

Source: TMZ