Khalid Kamau, South Fulton Mayor-Elect, is putting action behind his words and moving into the crime-riddled Camelot apartment complex for a year to assess and improve the community.

The complex was established in the ’70s and it has been riddled with crime, squatters, and fires recently.

Mayor-Elect Kamau admitted that he initially thought about demolishing the complex and rebuilding, but he had a change of heart last year on his campaign trail after hearing from residents who said, “I love my house… I don’t want to lose it. I don’t think my building is that bad. You should really see all of the buildings before you render a final judgment.”

Mayor-Elect Kamau will live in a one-bedroom unit for $800 a month for at least a year.

His goal is to engage the community and improve the complex where legendary Atlanta Hawks icon Dominique Wilkins once lived.

See the Fox 5 Atlanta news report below:

I respect this move from Mayor-Elect Khalid Kamau, we need more politicians to put this kind of actions behind their words.