Sassy, one of the original cast members of “Black Ink Crew“, had her homecoming last night (March 21) at the Brooklyn shop on episode 15 of Season 9.

She was welcomed with warm smiles and hugs.

Coming off a successful team-building workshop, Ceaser and Puma came up with an idea to elevate the Black Ink brand to another level.

Their idea was to do a major ad campaign with a photoshoot of all the members of the shop.

With the intent of turning the dopest picture into the best and biggest billboard in the city to let people know that the Black Ink brand is still popping.

Ceaser asked Sassy to organize and lead the ad campaign and photoshoot because she has a marketing and public relations skillset.

Sassy agreed to do it with no hesitation.

Watch the video below:

It’s great to see Sassy back at “Black Ink Crew” because she brings good vibes.

Scoop some comments below:

It’s awesome to see Ceaser, Puma, and Sassy in a space where they have resolved their issues and are back working together.