The “Love Is Blind” Reunion Show is now streaming on Netflix!

The series follows thirty men and women hoping to find love. For ten days in a speed dating format, the men and women date each other in different “pods” where they can talk to each other, but not see each other. 

Once they’ve decided they have made the perfect connection, they get engaged and head down the aisle.

Love Is Blind” is the number one show on Netflix in the U.S. – if you haven’t watched…oh, you need to get on your dean!

The reunion show was released today and you know your girl has your back!

Watch as Jessica, Mark, Lauren, Cameron, Barnett, Amber, Carlton, Diamond, Kelly, Kenny, Giannina and Damian share with Nick and Vanessa Lachey what they’ve learned from their experiences and what it was like to see if play out on screen.

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