Netflix has released the first look at their forthcoming “Love Is Blind” reunion and things get a bit emotional between Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack.

Without a doubt, the poolside blow up between Carlton and Diamond was one of the most explosive moments of the series.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, Carlton made a beautiful connection with Diamond, proposed to her, then revealed he was bisexual.

When Diamond needed time to digest the revelation and attempted to question Carlton about withholding that information from her until after she accepted his proposal – he SNAPPED!

The moment caused a lot of convo and debates on social media.

It appears the controversy may have been overwhelming for Carlton. He took to social media on Tuesday and said only three people supported him, he’s fighting alone, and he’s hurting.

Watch the moment Carlton and Diamond hash things out on the “Love Is Blind“:

Love is Blind: The Reunion” premieres on Thursday, March 5th on Netflix.

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Oh, and sidebar…this is the moment I’ve truly been waiting on!

Get her, Amber!

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