Tyrese sues Teddy Pendergrass widow Joan for 1 million over rights to biopic

Tyrese has filed a lawsuit against the widow of Teddy Pendergrass over rights to the late legendary singer’s biopic.

In the court documents, Tyrese claims his production company, Voltron Studios, secured the exclusive rights to Teddy’s life story in 2011 with Joan’s blessing.

As part of the deal, Tyrese agreed to invest in the projects and use his celebrity status to promote them and keep Teddy Pendergrass’ legacy alive. 

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In his lawsuit, Tyrese claims he and Voltron Studios have invested around $450,000 into the biopic. 

But, over a decade later – there is still no book or film about the “Love T.K.O.” singer. 

So, in 2022, Joan Pendergrass refused to extend the option to Tyrese on the rights to Teddy’s life story. 

Tyrese claims Joan’s change of heart on their deal has caused Voltron Studios to suffer financial harm and he is suing her in an individual capacity and as executor of Teddy Pendergrass’ estates for $1 million in damages. 

But, in typical Tyrese fashion, he also took his case to the court of public opinion by crying the blues on social media. 

He also suggested that people call and text Joan (to basically harass her into giving in).

Read Tyrese’s full statement below.

Sadly things had to come to this….
Another Philadelphia legend Lee Daniels is attached direct me as Teddy…

This has been 13 years+ years in the makin this man embraced me when he was on this earth and shared to me “No one can play me in my biopic but you Tyrese I’m sure of it” -TP

Hearing those words coming from him as one could imagine put me in under an unbearable amount of pressure but I knew that I was BORN to play Teddy Pendergrass The first person I called was my mother RIP and shared the news she’s SCREAMED!!!! My mother was the BIGGEST TEDDY PENDERGRASS FAN ON EARTH! She couldn’t believe it….

There is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to create magic with inexperienced creatives!

I’m very very sure this will all be figured out… Everyone in Hollywood will tell you bio-pics are some of the MOST challenging films to try and make because there are so many “Narratives” and nuances that go into creating magic. Really no surprises here!

I owe it to my mother and Teddy to get this done!! Teddy Movie will happen!

@LeeDaniels, Charlie Mack aka @charliemackfirstout who drove me to Teddy’s home where the journey first began!
I love you both and I am forever indebted to you both and Warner Brothers for being so passionately committed to the legacy and STORY!

Pray for us! Whatever it takes this movie belongs in the theaters!
I hate that things had to come to this but God knows my HEART!
I Tyrese Gibson was born to play TEDDY!

Thank you to radio for “Love Transaction” my new single being #1 most added to radio for 2 weeks in a row! Sadly my double album #BeautifulPain had to be officially pushed to 2024!
⭕️ My mother raised and instilled in me… If you don’t stand for something? You will fall for anything. The original KING OF RASPY! TEDDY PENDERGRASS will be in theaters and the world will finally get to watch the beauty of this truly legendary icon be unleashed on the screen

Don’t call or text me…. Call Joan Pendergrass she’s the ONLY one standing in the way of Teddy’s story being told!

For now…. Go online and watch the TEDDY PENDERGRASS DOCUMENTARY!

It’s entitled [ IF YOU DON’t KNOW ME ]

See Tyrese’s original post.

Perhaps Tyrese should have focused on getting this project done versus fixing folk’s marriages.

Joan Pendergrass has the right to go in a different direction after giving Tyrese 12 years to get nothing done.

The “Sweet Lady” singer took to social media on Monday to share that he was headed back into court with his ex-wife Samantha Lee and noted that his legal fees are approaching $1 million.

In August, Tyrese filed a $1 million lawsuit against Home Depot for racial discrimination and now he’s filing a $1 million lawsuit against Joan Pendergrass.

A coinky dink or nah?

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Source: TMZ

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