Tyrese-Samantha Lee Gibson

Tyrese took his beef with his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson to the court of public opinion on Tuesday by airing her out via Instagram.

Tyrese & Samantha Lee’s Relationship Timeline

The R&B singer and Fast X star and the fitness and beauty influencer tied the knot on Valentine’s Day in 2017.

Three years later, on December 29, 2020, the day before Tyrese’s birthday, he and Samantha Lee released a joint statement announcing they were ending their marriage

The statement read, in part: 

We have decided to make a statement of a painful and significant development in our lives. After much thought, consideration, and prayer, We unfortunately have made the difficult decision to officially separate & divorce. Our intention is to remain the best of friends & strong coparents.

Unfortunately, they missed the mark on “remaining the best of friends and strong co-parents.”

Child Support Chaos

Tyrese and Samantha have been battling like gladiators in family court over child support for the couple’s beautiful daughter Soraya Lee Gibson, whom they welcomed in October 2018.

In August 2022, the “Sweet Lady” singer was ordered to pay $10,000 a month in child support, but he opted to only pay

Almost a year later, a judge dropped the gavel on Tyrese when he ordered him to pay $653,944 in back child support and related court fees including:

  • $237,944 in back child support for Soraya.
  • $399,000 for Samantha’s attorney’s fees.
  • $17,000 for the special master appointed by the judge to handle minor disputes during the case. 

Tyrese simply refuses to pay the $10K child support order because he feels like it’s too much money considering Samantha Lee allegedly has a $100K income.

Unfortunately, the battle continues as Tyrese’s legal team is appealing the order.

He also accused the judge of being biased and racist.

Court Of Public Opinion

Tyrese doesn’t seem to be getting much traction in family court, so he’s taking his case against Samantha Lee to the court of public opinion.

On Tuesday, the singer posted a video of Samantha Lee addressing people who say she only married Tyrese for money. 

She also said that she doesn’t like that her family business is on media sites.

Tyrese unleashed on his ex-wife in a lengthy post on his Instagram page where he painted his ex-wife as a “gaslighter, narcissist, and a manipulator.”

Read his full statement below (excuse his typos…bro was big mad.

I have NO CLUE who this person is…..

#Gaslighting is the most vile form of manipulation she’s out trying to sell people on shit that nobody is sold on…. wow just f**king wow

do you really hate that our businesses is out on the “media sites” ?

How can you hate what’s out there in the media and blogs when YOU all of this f**k shit out there….

Stranger, none of your OWN FRIENDS know who you are or what you’ve become

Gaslighter, narcissist, manipulator….

Quick reminder? What was in the media sites was that I kicked you and out 1 year at the year-old child OUT of our house?,

[ you took the baby on your own ]

change the locks? And cut off the credit cards. You put those LIES in court documents that leaked to the press and media? That’s what ended up on those “Media Sites”…. You have been demanding $20,000 a month and refuse to let that s**t go…. One your own you make 150k a year out 4 year has ALL that she needs….. Greed and dark entitlement issues….

For a woman who doesn’t want money from me, you’ve already hired THREE different LAW FIRMS , trying to crack the prenuptial agreement, you drug this divorce trial out into almost 3 years and now you’re requesting a new trial with a jury ….

Everybody can clearly see through your bulls**t Samantha you are embarrassing me and everybody who’s ever known you….

Nobody is sold on what you’re selling, nobody..

it was never love. It was just a transaction….

I went into that marriage with my HEART you came into it with your HAND….

One of your best friends called me and said in a very sick and twisted way that you’re enjoying all of this attention

It’s, attention but it’s the wrong type of attention look at all the women in your comments on your YouTube page lol 😂 NOBODY BELIEVE YOU

See Tyrese’s original post. 

One commenter wrote:

There’s no way a person post and talk about someone they hate. It’s become an obsession now. You don’t need to know who this person is anymore, that’s no more of your concern. Find a way to probably reduce the child support or pay it, whatever. But posting and talking about her all the time is making you look crazy out here.

Tyrese & Zelie Timothy

Since he split from Samantha Lee, Tyrese has been in a very public on-again-off-again relationship with Zelie Timothy

And despite his outstanding child support and court fees, he scooped his lady a black and white Range Rover Defender last month. 

Zelie ran straight to social media to show it off. 

Now, who is gaslighting who?

Samantha Lee Ain’t Worried

While her ex-husband is dragging her in the streets of social media, Samantha Lee pinned this message to her Instagram page:

This audio by @pastorkeion was the HARDEST to do but man the most rewarding the nail down because of WHAT HE IS SAYING in this clip!

Some of y’all need to affirm yourselves this morning! God picked you, doesn’t matter what anyone has to say about it. He formed you in your mother’s womb. You are chosen. You are a child of the King! They better not mess with you, because messing with you will cause the hand of God to rise against them! Ok!

Walk with your head held high this Thursday morning! YOU ARE CHOSEN! And You are ABUNDANTLY loved. You may have nothing, but with GOD you have everything.

#goodmorning #reelsofinstagram #reels #Jesus #PreachinPreachin 

#Bible #Chosen #Beloved #ChildofGod


See her original post below. 

Perhaps Tyrese is suing Home Depot for $1M to catch up on his child support. 

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