DJ Envy wife Gia Casey speaks out about Tyrese

Tyrese should have left well enough alone. Now, DJ Envy’s wife, Gia Casey, is speaking out about his alleged inappropriate behavior with her. 

The Issue

Envy, whose real name is Raashaun Casey, previously had a conversation with Tyrese over the airwaves of “The Breakfast Club” and explained to him that he took a step back from the singer after he “disrespected his wife.

The two of them seemingly hashed everything out on the show so that they could move forward. 

Well, that wasn’t the case.

Tyrese then hopped on social media over the weekend and continued to fire shots at DJ Envy.

Tyrese Pulls Receipts

On Monday, Tyrese took to Instagram and “pulled receipts” of August 2022 text messages between himself and Gia in an effort to prove DJ Envy lied about them blocking him. 

The thread shows multiple text messages from Tyrese to Gia Casey – with her sporadically offering two-word replies.

Gia Casey Speaks Out

On Tuesday, DJ Envy called his wife, Gia Casey, live on air for her to speak out about what has become a super-sized dumpster fire.

First, let me begin by acknowledging how classy Gia is and how despite all of his online shenanigans and name-calling, she is still extending grace to Tyrese by not offering specific details of how he violated their friendship.

She began by explaining how she and Tyrese developed a close friendship after he counseled them and helped save her marriage to DJ Envy (after he cheated with Erica Mena).

Gia said her communication with Tyrese started to become “inappropriate and uncomfortable” and she felt “lines were being crossed.”

He and I became friends and we were very, very cool and we spoke often. But, for me, it got to a point where it became inappropriate and uncomfortable. Where I felt as though lines were being crossed.

There were times where I felt like he was extremely demanding of my time and of my attention. Where if I didn’t give him my time and my attention he would get very angry…get very upset. 

Gia Casey said at that time she didn’t feel as if Tyrese was going through any mental issues or the meds he is now blaming for his bizarre behavior.

At that time, I felt as though he was very clear-minded and everything seemed cool.

But, when I started to feel uncomfortable and you (to DJ Envy) started to feel uncomfortable we took a step back. 

Gia would not go into specific detail about what Tyrese said or did, but she did note that there was “flirting” and “inappropriate compliments for a woman who’s married.”

When DJ Envy told his wife that the singer “pulled receipts” and called him a liar, Gia said she will divulge details of Tyrese’s violation if necessary.

Listen as Gia Casey speaks out about Tyrese below.

Now, I wonder what Tyrese will have to say now that Gia Casey has entered the chat. 

The biggest takeaway I have from all of this messy mess is to let Jesus fix your marriage…not Tyrese. 

Because he is going to feel entitled and like you are indebted to him for the rest of your union. 

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