Love & Marriage Huntsville fight - Melody Holt- Ms Wanda-Martell Holt- Marsau Scott

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” Season 5 Episode 5 was a flame-broiled mess and the streets of Twitter clocked every moment of the madness.

Destiny’s relaunch event went from sugar to shizznit real quick when Stormi and Melody Holt showed up uninvited.

Stormi, who almost came to blows with Destiny at one of Kimmi’s events, came bearing gifts claiming she wanted to be supportive and put their issues behind them.

Initially, Destiny had Stormi turned away, but against her better judgment, she was convinced to let her come in.

A short while later, Melody arrived UNINVITED, found her way to Stormi and they stood inside Destiny’s event and talked about her.

Destiny was absolutely miserable at her event and it must have been hot as hades inside of the store because folks were sweating bullets in the background.

Melody’s sole purpose for coming was to rain on Destiny’s parade with her petty and to confront Ms. Wanda, who was catering the event, about the comments she made regarding the paternity of her baby girl.

When Melody stepped to Ms. Wanda all hell broke loose in the parking lot resulting in Martell Holt and Marsau Scott almost coming to blows.

Watch clips of the kerfuffle below.

Carlos King tweeted, “Whew ok. the #LAMH episode yall been waiting on starts NOW!!!!!!!!”

Read the tweets about the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” tomfoolery below.

After the episode aired, Marsau Scott took to social media and jokingly blamed his brother, Maurice Scott, for starting the “scrum.”

See his post below.

Ms. Wanda’s presence on the show has become a point of contention and after the incident at Destiny’s event, rumors began swirling about her being fired from the show.

Someone even launched a petition calling for LaTisha’s mother to be booted from the show.

Marsau took to social media to address the chatter.

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