Marsau Scott on Ms Wanda being fired from Love & Marriages Huntsville (1)

Marsau Scott took to social media to address reports that his mother-in-law, Ms. Wanda, has been fired from “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.”

Last weekend, there was a huge altercation involving the Holts and the Scotts and it was partially captured on Melody Holt‘s Instagram Live.

Apparently, Melody and Ms. Wanda almost came to blows, and Martell was set off in the mix of the madness.

The LAMH cameras were rolling, so I’m sure we will see the “reality TV” version of what actually happened in the near future.

In the meantime, Martell Holt took to social media to say that Ms. Wanda was “off the show.”

“It’s a wrap,” Martell added.

Watch below.

A petition on calling for Wanda to be fired has also garnered over 5,000+ signatures.

The petition reads:

Wanda Moore Leeth is a menace to Black Excellence. 

Her appearance on the hit OWN show, Love and Marriage Huntsville, has been fraught with ghetto ratchedness, drama, and chaos.  As a “friend of the show”, her appearance is clearly NOT needed. 

She is not a good example, and has created division amongst the actual cast members.  As her adult daughter’s spokesperson/mouthpiece, Wanda Moore has pushed this show into a violent, dangerous light. 

She has repeatedly disparaged minors, parents of other cast members, and even the cast members themselves!  She tells lies, instigates conflicts, aggressively confronts anyone that doesn’t agree with her outdated, violent way of thinking.  

She perpetuates a negative stereotype of Black women and mothers.  A simple YouTube search highlights the worst of her behavior.

It is irresponsible to allow this woman to continue to have the PRIVILEGE of a national platform!  She cannot be controlled and openly mocks anyone who calls her out for her bad behavior.

Marsau Scott took to social media on Friday (June 3) and said that his mother-in-law will be filming with them.

He also fired a shot at Martell and Melody Holt, who are executive producers of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.”

Marsau wrote:

It’s cute when people think their title holds weight. 

It’s a little humbling when they realize that the only thing that makes decisions like that is money. 

As much as I don’t like her, Wanda will be filming with us. 

See his original post below.

It’s the “as much as I don’t like her” for me.

Do you think Ms. Wanda should remain on the show?


  1. Grown women lead by example. She has no class. I use to love this show and was proud to see how they all supported each other. With Wanda its just tacky and tasteless. She’s a disgrace to mother’s, women, and bad for the show.

  2. Get Rid of Wanda. Kids are off limits. Yet Carlos you seem to like messy. Ratings will go down for you if you decide to keep this up with that Woman. Enough is enough already.

  3. i dont feel ms wanda should be fired she’s outspoken so what? she hasnt done anymore than terry guidice matter of fact a lot less should i go on? if anybody should be fired its that big mouth witch sounding melody holt, she started the altercation and she felt good because she had that sorry side kick of ex husband to back her up i cant stand her or her voice.

  4. If Wanda gets fired , get rid of Melody messy behind , she had no business going to Destiny’s event uninvited with the soul purpose to wreck it , and now her and Martell not on good terms again. She could’ve handled that issue with Wanda on another day , period .. Mel head down blew up and she’s still reeling behind little Knox especially since Martell has him on social media more with his siblings , so ayes Wanda is out of control but Melody started that beef ?

  5. She needs to go. Should have been gone. Tisha is a sad excuse of a women she condons her mother’s behavior because her mother confront Tishas husband and she says the things Tisha is to scared to say. She knows he’s a cheater and she puts up with it because she wants to stay married. She did her body to make him be more attracted to her. She is actually a very pretty women but her weakness makes her unattractive. Can stand a women that always wants to blame women and never the man.

  6. Wanda is a disgrace as a mother, and grandmother. I would be embarrassed to have my grandchildren see me act that way. And everyone wonders why people call us angry black women, or ghetto fabulous. Is Melody and Martell prefect absolutely not, but Wanda and her family that aired on the show is a HOT MESS. Tisha should have shut her moma down long time ago.

  7. The fact that Marsau wants to continue with Wanda speaks volumes of his character. He is clearly condoning Wanda’s bad behavior…for WHAT? Maybe, just Maybe he’s attempting to appease Tisha for his own bad behavior. At any rate God is certainly the author of EXPOSURE & the TRUTH will be revealed. Wanda needs to GO!

  8. Yes, she should stay on because she is not the only one ghetto fabulous. So, yes, she should stay on, as the who show took a big turn any way and has become nothing but drama, so let all continue on.

  9. Marsau and Tisha have to fight to keep Wanda and the entire Bessemer clan so that they can have a storyline.

      • Wanda is past ridiculous! Tisha is disgusting weak and Msrsau is sneaking devious.
        Destiny whines too much. The Whitfields are so so uninteresting. I wish Mel and Martell could get back ❤ with one another…they make the show.

      • She needs to be REMOVED IMMEDIATELY! I cannot stand this RACHETT GHETTO woman. She does not stay in her lane she keeps mess going and I’m not here for it. Even having someone like that on the OWN network, a network owned by a woman that is soo professional, so educated, God fearing, cares about others, ect. If Wanda remains on the show you will have one less viewer.

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