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Donald Glover chose violence in Season 4 Episode 5 of his award-winning series, “Atlanta,” and as a result, Tyler Perry is trending in the streets of social media.

The episode titled, “Work Ethic,” follows Van’s (Zazie Beetz) chaotic day after she takes a job as an extra on a TV show at Mr. Chocolate Studios.

It didn’t take long to realize “Kirkwood Chocolate,” played by Donald Glover, is an unapologetic parody of entertainment mogul and studio owner, Tyler Perry.

No stone was left “un-thrown” as the episode highlighted every criticism Tyler has received about his productions from the terrible wigs to the absence of a writer’s room.

One viewer tweeted, “This Tyler Perry episode of #AtlantaFX is some of the best television I’ve seen.”

Watch the teaser for the episode below.

Read Twitter reactions to “Atlanta” Season 4 Episode 5 and Mr. Chocolate below.

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