Maurice Scott - Kimmi Scott - Love & Marriage_ Huntsville

In the latest episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville,” Maurice Scott informed his wife Kimmi that they needed to have sex twice a day to improve their marriage.

The revelation came when Kimmi tried to convince Maurice they could benefit from attending a couples retreat hosted by LaTisha Scott‘s therapist, Kitson Francis.

Kimmi felt that their marriage could use some improvement while Maurice felt like they were doing fine. 

To get Maurice to see things her way, Kimmi asked him if he thinks there is anything she can improve on and Maurice answered emphatically, “Yes, sex every day!”

Kimmi Scott made valid points about how having sex every day can be excessive and how some men are never satisfied when it comes to their sexual appetite.

In an effort to persuade Maurice to attend the retreat, Kimmi agreed to have sex every day that they were there.

Maurice Scott said he would be more excited about attending the retreat if she agreed to sex twice a day.

Watch the clip below:

As you can imagine, Maurice’s stance on sex and marriage caused a lot of chatter on social media.

One viewer wrote:

I’m literally disgusted by Maurice. Men are so entitled that it’s sickening.

So many men feel like women should do things to please them even if THEY DONT WANT TOO! #LAMH

Another viewer tweeted:

As a woman with PCOS and a mentally exhausting job I couldn’t imagine if I had this much pressure from my husband to have sex multiple times a day.

Maurice sounded so selfish and inconsiderate Kimmie is starting to seem checked out of this marriage and I can’t blame her. #LAMH

This is the second marriage for Maurice Scott.

You may recall his first wife, Kiuwha, accused him of having an affair with Kimmi (which they both vehemently deny).

Maurice’s energy and demands for sex twice a day has folks second-guessing his character.

One fan of the show took to Twitter writing:

Maurice is opening the door for his soon-to-be admission for cheating…..IDC what y’all say IDC IDC….

I know a manipulator when I see one!! #lamh….he be talking in circles most days but he making this plain and clear!

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