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Russell Simmons is now trending in the streets of Twitter following his family drama with his ex-wife, Kimora Lee, and his daughter, Aoki Lee Simmons.

The Def Jam co-founder and former music mogul, who has been plagued with sexual assault allegations, is now being accused of taunting, threatening, and harassing his ex and daughters.

Aoki Lee took to Instagram to write:

My father is not well, for years, he needs help and won’t accept that he refuses to acknowledge he is not himself.

He has threatened and bullied my sister, my grandma, he has harassed my grandma in the middle of the night in poor health, sent a man to my sister’s apartment at 2 am to scare her.

He lashes out at ANYONE who does not say “Oh Russell everything is fine”. Well, it’s not fine.

Russell Simmons is now trending as folks take to their Twitter timelines to pull his Carfax Report.

One person tweeted, “Russell Simmons started “dating” #Kimora Lee when she was a SOPHOMORE in HIGH SCHOOL and he was running Def Jam. I ABSOLUTELY believe he did every vile thing he’s being accused of doing.”

Another person wrote, “Never thought I’d see the day when Kimora Lee & Aoki deservingly drag Russell Simmons by his scalp. This is a mess…”

Read more tweets below.

Russell Simmons has not yet addressed all of the chatter about him today.

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