'Love & Marriage Huntsville': Stormi Steele Reveals She Went To Jail At 19

Stormi Steele addressed going to jail when she was 19 after being outed by her Aunt Lisa during an argument in “Love & Marriage Huntsville” Season 6, Episode 11.

In the episode, Stormi invited her Aunt Lisa and her cousin Junior over to her house to talk about her decision to fire Junior from her business.

Stormi’s mother, Bettie Steele, was also at the meeting.

During the meeting, Aunt Lisa said she didn’t like the way the news was presented to her by her sister Bettie, and Stormi said she thought Junior would’ve told his mom he was fired.

Aunt Lisa made a remark implying that the matter was none of her sister’s business, and soon after, Bettie revealed that Stormi paid $15k to get Junior out of jail in the past.

Aunt Lisa was upset that Bettie revealed their business on national television, so she retaliated by saying Stormi also went to jail.

She has no right to talk about my child and what he did.

Everybody is not perfect. She’s not perfect. I’m not perfect. You not perfect.

Is she gonna say that you went to jail one time?… No!

Did I ever say that?… No.

Stormi responded in a solo segment:

Well, thank you, Aunt Lisa, for letting everybody know that I went to jail when I was 19.

But you know, I sat in there for three days, and when I saw the judge, he realized I was an amazing college student and he threw it out.

Watch the clip of Stormi revealing she went to jail at 19 from “Love & Marriage Huntsville” below:

While Stormi Steele didn’t go into detail regarding her arrest, she previously offered a peek into her past in an Instagram post.

The entrepreneur and reality TV star wrote:

Grew up in a no-stoplight town, only child, depressed, unheard, mentally abused, no real friends, used, suicidal, forced to be more realistic, misunderstood, the list goes on…

Then, one day I started seeking PEACE.. and everything changed.

Life started happening FOR me and not TO me…

We all have a past…but thank God for the present and the future.

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