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Kimora Lee Simmons and her daughter, Aoki Lee Simmons, took to social media to get a few things off of their chest regarding Russell Simmons.

In a nearly one-hour Instagram Live, Kimora addressed a number of issues she has with her ex-husband especially his attacks on her parenting and his accusations of her “brainwashing” his daughters.

Russell Simmons apparently was triggered after Ming Lee wished her mother a Happy Father’s Day.

Ming Lee Simmons Happy Father's Day Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora, who became overwhelmed with emotions, noted that despite all of Russell’s “happy family” posts on social media, they do not speak, she has him blocked, and he’s been blocked.

She pointed out that he was noticeably absent from both of their daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee’s college graduations and all of the graduation events for the girls.

But, that may be because he allegedly cut off their daughters financially while they were trying to get through school because he’s “broke.”

Russell did, however, take to social media to write proud papa posts about his girls after their graduations.

You can skim through Kimora Lee Simmons’ Instagram Live where she details all of Russell’s “bullying behavior,” sins, and crimes below.

It was Aoki Lee Simmons’ posts that really hit me in the feels.

The recent Harvard graduate also went on Instagram Live and detailed how her father is “not well.”

Aoki detailed how her dad has threatened, harassed, and flipped out on her, her sister, her mother, and her grandmother in fits of rage.

She even said that Russell threatened to ruin her and she screen-recorded him in a fit of rage but did not release the audio.

My father is not well, for years, he needs help and won’t accept that he refuses to acknowledge he is not himself.

He has threatened and bullied my sister, my grandma, he has harassed my grandma in the middle of the night in poor health, sent a man to my sister’s apartment at 2 am to scare her.

He lashes out at ANYONE who does not say “Oh Russell everything is fine”. Well, it’s not fine.

If “I never get a fashion job again” like he threatens, I’ll be a lawyer I guess and work in criminal Justice.

Sure I love my job but if he takes it away from me I won’t die. You don’t threaten my sister and grandma and mother and say “Who’s gonna believe you I’m Russell Simmons nobody thinks I’m crazy?”

Well, he is.

This is not someone who will accept help.

This is just one screen recording sorry I don’t always remember to press “record” when he calls my friends, my boyfriend, anyone, to get a chance to threaten and curse and go crazy.

See Aoki Lee Simmons’ original posts below.

During her mother’s Instagram Live, Aoki commented, “Nobody relies on him he’s flat broke and won’t even get me an Uber at night If I’m unsafe. He says, “Take the subway good luck!” 

If you’re asking why Kimora and her daughters are going public with all of this, Aoki said, “We tried to keep it private. He literally taunts and bullies us EVERYDAY.” 

Russell Simmons, who has reportedly been living in Bali since multiple women accused him of sexually assaulting them, took to his Instagram Story with a few quotes.

Russell Simmons Fathers Day Posts (1)

You may recall that Kimora Lee spoke out in support of Russell as the accusations were mounting against him.

I wonder if Kimora stands by those words today…

Hopefully, Kimora Lee, Aoki Lee, Ming Lee, and Russell Simmons will be able to work out the family issues.

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