Aoki Lee Simmons graduates from Harvard University - Kimora Lee Simmons

Aoki Lee Simmons, the daughter of Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons, graduated from Harvard University with a double major at just 20 years old. 

Kimora was extremely proud as she celebrated her youngest daughter’s amazing accomplishment. 

In a post on her Instagram page, Kimora Lee Simmons gushed:

My baby girl is a HARVARD GRADUATE!!! AND with a double major! AND one of the youngest in recent history to do so at only 20 years young!

This is CRAZYY! IM SO SO SOO PROUD! AND all the while carrying a full time job modeling! But YOU DID IT!-WE DID IT! Mama loves you soooo much my brainy beauty!

These are hard fought tears anyone who knows us will know! 😭❤️❤️ #harvard2023

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Russell Simmons also took to Instagram to celebrate his baby girl writing: 

Most people say u have time to play when you graduate early…in your case harvard @ 20 wow …congratulations my darling My prayer Aoki Lee Simmons has a lifetime to play she has already “accomplished” enough

so darling let go of the fierce need to compete focus all your energy on self discovery consciousness and happiness The dharma or purpose that u choose in life will naturally multiply and the world will benefit .::/your “worldly” assets and successes (which will continue to multiply) will be your gifts back to the needy world.// you are destined for a happy life defined by your enlightened perspective of non attachment and self awareness ./This is my prayer ./for you to fully realize the self or Gods consciousness in this lifetime ❤️

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Ming Lee Simmons, Russell, and Kimora’s eldest child, graduated from New York University (NYU). 

Russell celebrated her accomplishment as well writing: 

Gods greatest gifts are your children love them unconditionally

so proud and inspired by what u have become what is not apparent on the surface is your amazing heart ❤️ this is for sure your greatest gift continue to be compassionate and loving i love and cherish you keep going the world is yours

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Kimora also celebrated Ming Lee via Instagram. 

She wrote: 

We did it!!! 🎓💜😭 My 1st baby GRADUATED COLLEGE! NYU #ClassOf2023 💜💜💜 It’s been a journey and a labor of love but YOU DID IT! Mama is soooo proud of you! 😍🧠🥹 ILYSM

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Congratulations to Aoki Lee Simmons, Ming Lee Simmons, and their proud parents!

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