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Now, I know Kelis‘ milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, but is it bringing Bill Murray to the farm?

The streets of Twitter are buzzing after a new report claims the 43-year-old “Bossy” singer and the 72-year-old Ghostbusters actor.

Kelis dating Bill Murray

According to reports, republished by Page Six, Kelis and Bill Murray sparked dating rumors after he watched her perform at the Mighty Hoopla festival in South London last weekend. 

Bill was also spotted at some of her other performances. 

Sources claim the two met in the U.S., but took their romance across the pond where they were seen together at the same hotel. 

They’ve met up in the States before which got people in the industry talking, and now are meeting up in London while they’re both here.

They’ve clearly hit it off.

They were both seen at the same hotel, and he’s been to watch her perform several times before he went to Mighty Hoopla.

But they’ve also both shared relatively recent bereavements and have that common bond between them.

Whatever it is that has brought them together, and however unlikely it seems, they are both single and are having fun despite the fairly big age gap.

Bill Murray, who now has a reputation in Hollywood for being a tad too touchy, was married to Margaret Kelly from 1981 to 1996. 

From their union, they welcomed two sons, Homer Murray, 41, and Luke Murray, 38.

He then moved on with Jennifer Butler

But, after 11 years of marriage, they divorced in May 2008 when Jennifer accused Bill of infidelity, domestic abuse, and marijuana and alcohol addiction.

During their marriage, they welcomed four sons, Caleb Murray, 30, Jackson Murray, 27, Cooper Murray, 26, and Lincoln Murray, 19.

Kelis was previously married to legendary rapper Nas

In 2009, she filed for divorce and accused him of emotionally and physically abusing her during their marriage. 

Nas has denied his ex-wife’s allegations of abuse. 

They share a 13-year-old son, Knight Jones.

Kelis went on to marry Mike Mora in 2014. 

Sadly, the photographer passed away last March after a battle with stage 4 stomach cancer. 

They welcomed two children during their union, son Shepherd, 8, and daughter Galilee, 2.

The Kelis and Bill Murray dating rumors feel like a reach on a slow news day. 

However, anything is possible. 

The streets of Twitter are having a field day reacting to the report. 

Peep a few tweets below. 

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