Duane Keefe D Davis pleads not guilty to Tupac murder charges

Duane “Keefe D” Davis, the suspect accused of orchestrating the 1996 drive-by shooting of Tupac Shakur, pleaded not guilty during his arraignment on Thursday.

Keefe D, who appeared in Las Vegas court handcuffed and dressed in a blue jumpsuit, said that he had not retained how own counsel. 

The court appointed him a public defender and he waived his right to a speed trial. 

Keefe D told the judge that he didn’t want a public defender, he wanted to appoint his own counsel. 

Judge Tierra Jones told him that “for today’s purposes, to get this case moving, the special public defender will be appointed to represent you.

See the video of the arraignment hearing below.

Nearly 30 years after Tupac’s death, Duane “Keefe D” Davis was indicted by the Clark County grand jury on one count of open murder with the use of a deadly weapon with a gang enhancement.

He was arrested near his Las Vegas home on September 29, 2023. 

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Tupac Shakur, a beloved rapper and actor was shot on September 7, 1997, in Las Vegas after a Mike Tyson fight. 

Tupac was sitting in the passenger seat of a black sedan, driven by Suge Knight when a white Cadillac pulled up alongside them and opened fire. 

The rapper died in the hospital six days later from his injuries at the age of 25.

In his memoir, “Compton Street Legend,” Keefe D said he was in the front passenger seat of the Cadillac and had slipped the gun used in the killing into the backseat, from where he said the shots were fired.

Keefe D implicated his nephew, Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, saying he was one of two people sitting in the backseat of the vehicle. 

Orlando, who also lost his life to gun violence, two years later, denied any involvement in Tupac’s death.

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Source: ABC News

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