Duane Keffe D Davis

Duane “Keefe D” Davis was reportedly arrested early Friday morning on suspicion of murder in connection to the 1996 shooting death of rap icon Tupac Shakur.

The news of the arrest comes two months after the Las Vegas police served a search warrant at the home of Davis’ wife in Henderson in July and they were looking for items “concerning the murder of Tupac.” 

Law enforcement collected multiple computers, a cellphone, a hard drive, a Vibe magazine that featured Tupac, several .40-caliber bullets, two “tubs containing photographs, and a copy of Keefe D’s memoir. 

The beloved rapper and actor was shot on September 7, 1997, in Las Vegas after a Mike Tyson fight. 

Tupac was sitting in the passenger seat of a black sedan, driven by Suge Knight, when a white Cadillac pulled up alongside them and opened fire. 

The rapper died in the hospital six days later from his injuries at the age of 25.

In his memoir, “Compton Street Legend,” Davis said he was in the front passenger seat of the Cadillac and had slipped the gun used in the killing into the backseat, from where he said the shots were fired.

Keefe D implicated his nephew, Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, saying he was one of two people sitting in the backseat of the vehicle. 

You may recall that Orlando was involved in a casino brawl with Tupac shortly before the shooting. 

Orlando, who also lost his life to gun violence, two years later, denied any involvement in Tupac’s death.

Greg Kading, a retired Los Angeles police detective who spent years investigating the Shakur killing and wrote a book about it, said he’s not surprised by Davis’ arrest.

The former LAPD detective said the Keefe D’s descriptions of his role in the killing as well as his memoir, gave the investigation new momentum. 

See Exhibit A below.

“It’s those events that have given Las Vegas the ammunition and the leverage to move forward,” Kading said. “Prior to Keefe D’s public declarations, the cases were unprosecutable as they stood.”


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Source: The Associated Press