‘The Love Experiment’: Paige Shari Is Taken Aback After Being Sis’d & Homegirl’d by Kenny

Tamara Nikkz was taken aback in episode 2 of MTV’s new dating show “The Love Experiment” when contestant Kenny sis’d and homegirl’d her because she didn’t choose him for a date.

The Love Experiment” is MTV’s new reality dating show starring three Atlanta-based real-life best friends, Paige, Marcia, aka Marz, and Tamara, as they navigate a real-life dating app to find love.

During the episode, Marz called Kenny out for not showing Tamara any attention when he was one of her top picks.

Kenny responded that he didn’t show her any attention because she picked someone over him to go on a date with.

Tamara then asked him if he was mad about a date.

She also told him that she felt a way because he was her top pick, and he has fallen to the wayside so bad.

Kenny responded:

You was my top pick, but you didn’t pick me first.

You chose ole boy, I’m going to give you your time to go feel that out.

You’re forgetting the order of events, homegirl.

Like, come on sis!

Tamara’s jaw dropped, before saying, “He just sis’d me!”

Watch the clip from S1, E2, of “The Love Experiment” below:

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Kenny’s days on the show may be numbered, but he did smooth things over later in the episode with Paige.

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