'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta': Erica Mena Clears The Air On Her Relationship With Safaree

In Season 11, Episode 11 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Erica Mena got very emotional while trying to clear the air about her relationship with Safaree.

At the end of Spice’s honorary event in Miami, Erica Mena was approached by Shekinah, who told her that she heard that Safaree does pay child support and that she left Safaree with the kids while she went out of the country with another man.

Rasheeda, who was also a part of the conversation, told Erica that she heard she and Safaree just smashed a month ago.

Shekinah heard the rumors through Spice, who spoke with Safaree earlier in the episode.

Watch the clip of Safaree’s conversation with Spice in S11, E11 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” below:

Erica Mena denied the rumors and said they were all a part of Safaree trying to take control of the narrative and not taking accountability for his actions.

Erica then went into an emotionally charged rant about how she’s trying her best to be cordial given what she’s going through with Safaree, but at the end of the day, if she gets hurt she’s going to reciprocate that hurt.

Watch the clips from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” below of Erica Mena going off after being accused of lying on Safaree :

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