'The Love Experiment': Justin Lockett Surprises Paige Shari Addison By Putting A Ring On It

In the season finale of MTV’s debut digital dating show, “The Love Experiment,” Justin Lockett shocked the world and proposed to Paige Shari Addison.

Justin and Paige had their share of ups and downs as Paige went on dates with multiple men throughout the series to find the man she was most compatible with.

To Justin’s credit, he always reassured Paige that he was there for her and that he saw a real future with her.

Justin’s competition during the finale was Isaac, whom Paige gave a second chance and established some real feelings for.

Isaac shocked Paige at the finale by showing her he had bought some tickets to Atlanta, where she lives, to work on their relationship beyond the show.

Paige was taken aback by the level of commitment Isaac showed by presenting her with the tickets to Atlanta, but when she went to Justin visibly shaken over the decision between choosing between the two men, she had no idea that Justin had a ring for her.

Watch the clip of Justin’s proposal from the season finale of MTV’s “The Love Experiment” below.

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Congratulations to Justin and Paige!

You’re an awesome couple, and we wish you all the best in the future.

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