DiAmanté & Yannick Who Appeared On MTV’s ‘The Love Experiment’ Critiques The Show’s Editing

In season 1, episode 7 of MTV’s  “The Love Experiment,” Marz consulted with Yannick’s best friend DiAmanté before narrowing her men down to the final two, and both guys took to Instagram to comment on the show’s editing during that process.

On the show, it appeared that DiAmanté painted his boy Yannick in a bad light by suggesting that his last relationship ended because he gets bored easily and by hesitating when asked if Yannick is a cheater.

The newfound information about Yannick’s character threw Marz off because he presented himself as a different person to her.

After the clip was posted to Instagram, both DiAmanté and Yannick commented on the editing of the show:

DiAmanté: Y’all corny as f*** for this editing.

Yannick: There seems to be a misunderstanding.

See DiAmanté’s and Yannick’s original comments below:

MTV The Love Experiment S1, E7

Watch the clip of Marz and DiAmanté’s Q&A segment from S1, E7 of “The Love Experiment” below.

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