Tamika Scott pulls receipts on LaTocha Scott

WELP. It appears Tamika Scott is putting an end to her sister’s reindeer games by pulling receipts in an effort to prove LaTocha Scott and her husband, Rocky Bivens, stole $30,000+ of her royalty checks and are allegedly trying to blackmail her.

Tamika took to Instagram writing:

God knows I didn’t want to do this. Sis, you’re sitting on all your interviews saying I’m looking for a storyline and attention knowing y’all stole my money!!

And for your husband to call Sprint acting like he was my ex husband with my social security getting the passcode to my phone and changing it in 2006, Getting access to my text messages, pictures and videos and trying to extort me!!!!

Oh yeah all of this is documented! Y’all are EVIL!!!!!

The other day you said on @foxsoul Coctails With Queens you were going to give me my 30K you stole so you need to keep your word!!

Run me my check!!! I’m tired!! #tamikascott #xscape #tired #of #the #lies

See her original post below.

The Receipts

Tamika Scott - Diane Cottle-Pope

Tamika took to the streets of YouTube and shared a video of Tiny Harris’ mother, Diane Cottle, who confirmed Sound Exchange did in fact tell them that they sent Tamika’s checks to Hampton, Georgia and that the checks were cashed by Edwin Bivins, Rocky’s legal name. 

Ms. Diane also noted that Sound Exchange informed Tamika Scott that the only way for her to recover the funds was to prosecute her sister, LaTocha, and Rocky.

Sound Exchange also stated that LaTocha allegedly submitted documents stating that she was Tamika’s manager and provided Tamika’s passport to change the mailing address of the checks.

In the video, Tamika provides copies of the documents with the information and her forged signature.

Sound Exchange documents LaTocha Scott
Tamika Scott Receipt

Tamika also provided a copy of the check that shows her forged signature and Rocky Bivens’ alleged signature endorsing the check to be cashed.

Tamika Scott - Cashed check with Rocky Bivens name
Tamika Scott Receipts

Tamika alleges she was being gracious by only saying $30,000 was stolen from her. 

Even with all of the evidence, Tamika declined to prosecute them.

The Threats

Tamika Scott also stated she received a text message threatening to release a 2016 sex tape of her if she doesn’t apologize publicly to LaTocha and her husband for accusing them of taking her money. 

Tamika Scott - Blackmail text
Tamika Scott Receipts

Tamika admits she did in fact film a sex tape and that she gave it to her sister to keep in her safe. 

Lo and behold LaTocha Scott claimed the sex tape was stolen out of her safe. 

Ironically, Tocha told Tamika only she and Rocky knew the combination to the safe.

Now, she’s being blackmailed via an anonymous text about the sex tape being released if she doesn’t recant her allegations about them stealing her money?!

What’s even more interesting is during his convo with Tasha K, Rocky made reference to everything that was in the threatening text message that was sent to Tamika.

During the same convo, Rocky admitted the royalty check people got the “sisters mixed up.”

The Gospel Album

I previously reported LaTocha Scott had landed a solo record deal with Motown Gospel.

Tamika Scott revealed the original plan was for her and LaTocha Scott to do a gospel album together.

Gospel Album Email
Tamika Scott Receipts

Unfortunately, the plan fell apart when Tamika told her sister that she wanted everything split down the middle between them. 

This entire situation has gone to hell in a gasoline basket. 

Watch Tamika’s full video below. 

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