'The Queens Of R&B': Tamika Scott Accuses Her Sister LaTocha Of Stealing Her Royalties

Tamika Scott of Xscape accused her sister, LaTocha Scott, and her husband, Rocky Bivens, of stealing her royalties in Bravo’s “SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B.”

The clip begins outside a house, near a car, with Tamika Scott arguing with her mother about the theft accusation.

Tamika is visibly upset as she yells at her mom:

…Mama I been talked to you about it.

You know they stole my money!…

Mama, you know they did, you know they did!…

You sitting here acting like you don’t know!…

Tamika’s mom then tells production to cut the cameras off.

During their argument, Tamika’s mom denied that LaTocha and her husband Rocky stole the money.

Tamika Scott confirmed with producers that her mom was angry because she put the family business on blast in front of the cameras.

Yes, because she don’t want nobody to know that her precious daughter did this to her sister…

My mom was angry because I revealed something that no one knew.

Not even my own daughter knew.

Tamika’s daughter O’Shun was with her while she was arguing with her mother outside of the house.

When Tamika met up with Xscape members Tiny Harris and Kandi Burruss for a group meeting, and they asked her where her sister LaTocha was at she explained to them they got into an argument, and she figured LaTocha would not come to the meeting.

Tamika said she was triggered by the initial argument she had with her sister and her mom always taking up for her, and she didn’t mean to take it there, but it took her back to when her sister stole her royalties.

I told my mom, and she was like, ‘Well, you don’t know what she was going through at the time. 

Maybe she needed the money.’

I was pregnant with Armani at the time.

My daughter O’Shun was at college at the time, but she might have needed the money.

Later on, in the sneak peek clip, LaTocha and her husband Rocky discussed the argument she had with Tamika, and Rocky said that he was “sick of being called out by Tamika for something that doesn’t exist.”

LaTocha agreed with Rocky. In a solo shot with producers, she said:

Tamika is not going to sit here and accuse me and my husband of stealing, because I’m not… I don’t steal!

I’m not a thief. We are not thieves.

And it’s damaging because my sister has a tendency to lie.

Watch the Bravo sneak peek of “SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B” below:

Tamika Scott and her daughters, Niyah and O’Shun, took to YouTube to address the episode and what we didn’t see on the show.

She pointed out that she tried to sit down with LaTocha prior to filming the show to settle their issues because she doesn’t believe in airing family business on a public platform like reality TV.

Tamika said her sister wasn’t interested in talking until the cameras were rolling.

The most shocking part of Tamika’s live was when she revealed that her husband had no idea that LaTocha Scott allegedly stole $30,000 of her royalty checks because by nature she always protects her sister.

Watch Tamika’s side of the story below.

Catch full episodes of “SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B” on Sunday (March 12) at 8 PM EST on Bravo and stream the episodes on Peacock.

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