Tamar Braxton - Kandi Burruss - Todd Tucker

Tamar Braxton recently took to her Instagram and detailed what happened when Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, allegedly threatened her backstage at a show.

Tamar appeared on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” promoting Peacock’s new popular dating show “Queens Court,” and she was asked by fans Brenna and Ruth from Rhode Island:

Who is the Atlanta housewife that you hinted about having beef with on Instagram, and her and her husband threatened you?…

Tamar did not reveal who it was verbally, but host Andy Cohen started playing the guessing game and throwing out names, and when he said, “It’s not Kandi?…” Tamar smiled real big and took a sip of her drink.

Watch Tamar Braxton on “Andy Cohen” below:

Tamar Braxton took to her Instagram and made a video in the car, coming off her birthday vacation weekend, and detailed what happened backstage between her, Kandi, and Todd, whom she addressed as “Toddina.”

Tamar said she saw Kandi backstage at a show, and she approached and hugged her, and Kandi told her, “I’m not f***ing with you!”

Tamar said she was taken aback, and when she asked Kandi what she was talking about, she said she felt Tamar took up for Carlos King after she blasted him for allegedly stealing XSCAPE’s life story.


Tamar said she apologized to Kandi numerous times, but she continued to turn up on her in the hall backstage to the point that people were beginning to swarm around them.

She said that Kandi threatened to take things to the next level, and when she questioned her if she meant she wanted to fight, Kandi said yes.

Tamar said she doesn’t condone violence, but she knows how to beat some a**.

She also said at one point Todd pulled Kandi to the side and said something to her.

He then, allegedly, looked Tamar in her face and said, “You know what it is!”

Tamar said she feels “there is no reason for a man to ever step to a female… period!”

Then, her fiancé Jeremy “JR” Robinson, whom she met on the show “Queens Court,” chimed in:

You didn’t do sh*t for no man to step to you that was a coward move, and it shouldn’t have happened.

And I addressed it with him, and I spoke to him about it, and he immediately apologized.

But, an apology after the fact is bullsh*t!

It shouldn’t have happened.


Tamar captioned her IG video:

After my bday recap!!! I love y’all and thank y’all for supporting me on #queenscourt and streaming my new song #changed 🍀✨ I’m so grateful ❤️

Watch Tamar Braxton’s original IG video post below:


Kandi Burruss seemingly responded to Tamar’s video with a video of her own.

It’s a clip from the Wednesday Addams movie where a little girl volunteers to be “the victim.”

Tamar reacted by sliding into the comments of a video that featured Kandi discussing the “Who should headline drama” with SWV and commented, “Imagine having The biggest ego for the most non singing a** person in the entire music industry 🙄 stream my new hit song #changed where I pay homage to the AMAZING SWV!!”

Tamar added, “I’m sorry yall I’m back to my old self! Being called a “victim” triggered me🙏🏼✨ but she can’t sing tho 🤷🏽‍♀️ sorry”

Tamar Braxton - Kandi Burruss- 1
Tamar Braxton - Kandi Burruss- 1

Kandi Burruss released a video of her own addressing Tamar’s version of what went down.

Read a few Instagram reactions to the drama below.

Let me know your thoughts on the drama between Tamar Braxton, Kandi Burruss, and Todd Tucker in the comments below, or join the convo on our socials. (Facebook, Instagram).

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  1. Tamar a liar. Always has been. Kandi doesnt even talk like that! Tamar fake & she was wrong. Frds dont do that to frds. Thats why she never gonna b successful. Wanna be toni azz. Kandi dont need to sing bc she makes money!

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