Kandi Burruss Addresses Why She Doesn’t ‘Check Her Mama’

Kandi Burruss recently revealed on “Sway’s Universe” why she doesn’t check Mama Joyce.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and Sway Calloway had a bonding moment over the concept of checking their mothers, and both of them feel like out of respect you don’t check your mama.

Kandi said she sees people online suggesting that “it’s time for her to check her mama.”

I see people online, ‘It’s time for her to check her mama!’ 

Check my mama?… What’s wrong with you?

You don’t check your mama, I mean I just kind of feel like…

Now I take back, I do have some friends who have that type of relationship with their parents where they have checked them, and I be like, ‘Wow, y’all do that?’

Yeah, but not on my side of the family, like no!

I mean my mom is the youngest of 14 kids, and all of my aunts and uncles, you know, felt like they was your mama or your daddy too.

Like, I remember my aunts and, you know, would come in with my mom to sit me down, as a sit down when I was younger.

So if I say something to her that’s out of pocket, they gonna come in too.

It’s like a whole family gang up, like, I ain’t got time for that.

Kandi said when her mother, Mama Joyce (Joyce Jones), becomes unbearable, she leans on her cousin Weenie to talk to her to calm her down.

Whenever I’m dealing with something I call my cousin Weenie and I be like, ‘Would you talk to her?  Please, just talk to her.’

Yeah, my cousin Weenie, I get her I be like, ‘Please talk to her cause she is like really trying it right now.’

So she talks to her and I just have to give her a break.

Watch the video clip from the Kandi Burruss interview on “Sway’s Universe” below:

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