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‘SWARM’ Has Social Media Buzzing – ‘Who’s Your Favorite Artist?’

Swarm Key Art - Dominique Fishback

The streets of Twitter are buzzing over “Swarm,” the horror-thriller limited series written by Janine Nabers and executive produced by Donald Glover.

The series, which is inspired the Beyhive, stars Dominique Fishback as “Dre,” a young woman whose obsession with a Beyoncé-like pop star takes a dark turn.

Chloe Bailey stars in the series as Dre’s sister, Marissa, who has dreams of one day becoming a makeup artist to the stars, and Damson Idris plays the role of Marissa’s boyfriend, Khalid.

Watch the official trailer for “Swarm.”

Watch my spoiler-free review below.

Swarm” dropped on Prime Video on March 16 (a day earlier than scheduled), and the streets of social media have been buzzing about the series ever since.

Read some of my favorite and totally accurate tweets about the series as well as the characters.

Did you watch the series?

If so, let me know your thoughts on “Swarm” in the comments below or join the convo on our socials. (Facebook, Instagram)

’Swarm’: Dominique Fishback Has Us Shook In The Trailer For Donald Glover’s Horror Series

Swarm Key Art - Dominique Fishback

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Chloe Bailey Opens Up About Her Sex Scene With Damson Idris In ‘Swarm’

Chloe Bailey talks sex scene Damson Idris - Swarm

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