Kandi Burruss Says Andy Cohen Apologized For Asking Riley About Her Dad

Kandi Burruss says Andy Cohen has apologized for asking her daughter Riley Burruss about the teen’s relationship with her estranged father on “Watch What Happens Live.”


On May 22, 19-year-old Riley filled in as the “WWHL” bartender and Andy asked: 

Has your relationship with your dad improved at all?

Riley answered: 

I don’t remember the last time I spoke to him, so that answers that question.

Kandi told E! News Andy has since apologized for the inappropriate question.

He just wanted to apologize and say that he in no way wanted to hurt us or anything like that.

And I know it wasn’t his intention to make Riley feel bad or anything like that.

A lot of people just don’t understand that’s a sensitive subject for her … but sometimes if you don’t give a person a heads up, they kind of get caught off guard. 

During her appearance on “The Slutty Pig” podcast, Kandi Burruss added that she and Andy bump heads from time to time. 

I’m sure there are things [that I have said] that he probably doesn’t like, and he’s said things that rubbed me the wrong way at times, but we’re always able to come back on the same page.

So he apologized, and I was good. It wasn’t that deep for me.

Watch the clip below. 

Riley’s father is music producer Russell “Block” Spencer.

Sadly, his relationship with his daughter has left very much to be desired and he only added insult to injury when he said Riley was jealous of his other children.

He also stated he doesn’t believe he should have to pay child support because Kandi makes more money than he does.

Block is truly a piece of work.

With all that being said, Andy knew good and well that he had no business asking Riley about her father. 

Even if the relationship was better – it’s none of his business!

Source: Page Six

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