One thing is for certain – Stephanie Mills is a real one!

The legendary singer took to social media after learning about the riverfront brawl in Montgomery, Alabama over the weekend and offered to do a charity concert for the “heroes” who may have legal fees.

The incident, which took place on Saturday, August 5, began when boaters left their pontoon boat on the dock where it was blocking the Harriott II riverboat from parking.

A Black man, who was working at the riverfront tried to move the pontoon boat to allow the riverboat to park.

That’s when he was accosted by the White family who owned the pontoon boat. 

Following a short confrontation, the White men jumped the Black man.

Thankfully, the Black Delegation sprung into action to help defend the security guard before he was seriously injured or even killed.

Stephanie Mills reposted a video of the altercation, which was dubbed with the Sam Cook classic, “A Change Gonna Come.”

She wrote:

In Montgomery, Alabama. These thugs jumped a black men, who was just doing his job.

My manager Not sure if you saw this situation in Montgomery, Alabama home of the civil-rights movement.

These thugs jumped a black men, who was just doing his job.

They thought he was by himself..Boy they got what they came for.

My manager @ampharris sent me this because he knows this would bring me so much joy.

I don’t condone violence, however there are exceptions. This is one.

I love how he added this song, and now calls the video “A Change Gone Come 2023”.

Lol, he called the young brother swimming across the lake a super hero #Aquaman.

Listen, I will go do a charity concert for those brothers and sisters to help with legal fees.

I stand with us✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

See Stephanie’s original post below.

The names of those arrested have yet to be released.

It’s not uncommon for Stephanie Mills to step in and offer her help.

You may recall, she extended an offer for Babyface to tour with her after things went sour with Anita Baker.

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