The Montgomery Police Department held a press conference on Tuesday to announce three of the White men on a pontoon boat have been charged in the Montgomery riverfront brawl

On Saturday evening, Damien Pickett, a Black riverboat co-captain, was attacked by a group of White people when he tried to get them to move their pontoon boat so that the Harriott II riverboat could dock.

A brawl ensued when other Black people rushed to his defense. 

Mr. Pickett was later treated at the hospital for his injuries.

Video of the melee has gone viral and has captivated the internet. 

Montgomery Police Chief Darryl Albert said 13 people were taken into custody on Saturday evening for questioning and all have been released pending further investigation. 

As of Tuesday (August 8), warrants have been issued against three men who were on the pontoon boat:

  • Richard Roberts, 48, two counts of third-degree assault
  • Allen Todd, 23, one count of third-degree assault
  • Zachery Shipman, 25, one count of third-degree assault

It’s unclear why Chase Shipman has not been charged yet. 

Hopefully, his charges are pending.

Richard Roberts is in custody in Selma. The other two men are expected to turn themselves in sometime Tuesday, the chief said.

Police are also seeking 42-year-old Reggie Gray for questioning.

He is the Black man seen on video ALLEGEDLY hitting folks with a folding chair.

The Montgomery Police Department consulted with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, and the FBI during the investigation.

Chief Darryl Albert said the FBI and state prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to pursue the matter as a hate crime.

The incident also did not meet the criteria for inciting a riot.

So, the offenders are only facing misdemeanor charges.


Watch the full press conference below.

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