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Dionne Warwick Has The Perfect Response To Anita Baker & Babyface’s Drama

Dionne Warwick - Anita Baker - Babyface

One thing Dionne Warwick is going to do is mind the business that pays her especially when it comes to the drama between Anita Baker and Babyface.

Comedian Lil Duval tweeted the “Walk On By” singer and asked her to step in and “squash” the beef between Anita and Babyface.

Dionne promptly responded writing, “Baby, that ain’t got nothing to do with me. 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

See the original Twitter exchange below.

Listen, Dionne Warwick doesn’t have time to get tangled up in other folks’ tomfoolery, but I’m sure she’ll say a little prayer for them.

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