Marlon Wayans is trending in the streets of Twitter as people react to his Instagram post about the riverfront brawl in Montgomery, Alabama.

The 51-year-old actor and comedian posted a short clip of the melee, which was dubbed with Jason Aldean’s controversial single, “Try That In A Small Town.”

In the caption, Marlon wrote, “How ‘bout we NOT “try that in a small town”…. Sh*t silly bro… let’s all just be love NOT war.”

See his original post below.

His Hakuna Matata post didn’t go over well with some folks for a number of reasons.

First – He only showed a clip of the Black Avengers taking action without context which makes them look like they just attacked innocent boaters.

Second – Marlon’s last stand-up comedy special was literally all about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock and how it was the happiest day of his life.

Third – Folks haven’t forgotten Marlon Wayans raised a bigger stink in the streets of social media back in June when he felt like he was “targeted” by United Airlines over their two-bag policy.

You may recall that he ended up receiving a citation for disturbing the peace.

Where was the love then?

One Instagram commenter cooked Keenen Ivory Wayans, Damon Wayans, and Shawn Wayans‘ brother when she wrote:

Wait, wait, wait i’ma unfollow but first I’ll frame this video for proper context since Mr. Wayans seems divorced from the truth.

A security guard (black) was doing his job and asked a family (white) to move their pontoon boat at this particular dock because they were blocking the loading and unloading zone.

They not only refused but a member of the party on the boat again (white) quite literally charged the security guard (again black) and commences to physically assault him. As if that weren’t enough additional parties on the boat (WHITE) joined the assault, pummeling this man until he defenselessly lay on the ground left with no other recourse than to curl up into a defense position while this WHITE mob continued to whoop his a**. Enter the Justice League.

The Black Caucus, The “Now What We Not Gone Do Legion…” of black men that rode to this man’s defense (rightfully so).

The reason they were on their boat during this shot is because like they cowards they were/are when backup showed up they ran.

They entire video is out (although MW purposely chose to post this snippet to validate an invalid point), please if you haven’t already search and watch before drawing any conclusions.

The coonery and coondacity of this post and caption is quote literally astounding (but not surprising, this is the same man, you know what never mind).

United still racist or nah?

Y’all have a GREAT day✌🏾

See Exhibit A below.


Marlon Wayans is also trending on Twitter as people react to his riverfront brawl post.

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Meanwhile…back at the ranch, Marlon’s best friend, Omar Epps, came through with a strong message:

To whom it may concern in Alabama and elsewhere,

We’re not going backwards in any way, shape or form PERIOD!!!

Those one dimensional mindsets are beyond archaic, evolve or become extinct… 


We The People


PS – How ya like dem apples?! 🤔

See his original tweet below.

Listen – no one is asking Marlon Wayans to condone violence.

But, I am asking him to sit there and eat his food quietly if he has nothing constructive to add to the bigger conversations.

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