Rapper Slim Thug Shares HIs ‘Million Dollar Makeover’ On His Boys

Rapper Slim Thug recently posted a video to his Instagram of two of his sons getting a makeover because he said they were looking too dusty to be his kids.

He said his oldest son Jr. didn’t want to get rid of his receding hairline, and he got his other son Dreux’s fro trimmed up so he doesn’t look dirty.

So I had the boys over, looking rough.

I had to give them a million-dollar makeover.

I say, mane, y’all too dusty to be my kids. What is going on with these outfits and haircuts?…

Jr. ain’t wanna let go of that receding hairline. Had to get him right, you know what I’m saying?…

Bones from Aikers Homes put him back together.

Dreux got his fro trimmed up now he don’t look dirty.

There we go, million-dollar makeover right quick, you know what I”m saying?…

Boys look like some young bosses, you know what I’m saying?…

Both gentlemen looked 100% better after their makeovers.

Watch Slim Thug’s original IG post below:

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