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Chaotic Footage Released Of Joseline Raging During Arrest After Big Lex Fight

Joseline Hernandez arrest body camera video

Body camera footage has been released of Joseline Hernandez‘s chaotic arrest after the Big Lex fight and it shows the former “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star raging!

I previously reported the “Puerto Rican Princess” was arrested and charged with touch or strike/battery/domestic violence, touch or strike/batter, trespassing unoccupied structure or conveyance, and resisting an officer/obstructing with violence.

After viewing the arrest footage it is now clear that many of Joseline’s charges may have stemmed from her violence towards the arresting officers.

In the video, Joseline Hernandez is seen throwing a cellphone at police, yelling obscenities, threats, and homophobic slurs at the officers. 

She’s fighting and kicking and telling the officers that she knows they want to kill her.

The entire arrest video is so chaotic and unsettling and I’m sure those officers wished they had called out sick that day.

Watch the video below.

After her release from jail, Joseline Hernandez made light of her arrest by selling merchandise featuring her new mugshot.

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