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Keri Hilson Applies Pressure On Instagram: ‘Ask Yo Daddy’

Keri Hilson Applies Pressure On Instagram: ‘Ask Your Daddy’

The beautiful and talented Keri Hilson posted a video clip to her Instagram that has her comments going up on a Monday.

In the clip, Keri appears to be being transported in a car and on a golf cart, and she added a voice track by Ajna Surah to her video about how real ones love her, which ends with “Ask yo daddy!”

Watch Keri Hilson’s IG video clip below:

Scoop some comments below:

Keri Hilson comment 1.
Keri Hilson comment 2.
Keri Hilson comment 3.
KH comment 4.
KH comment 5.
KH comment 6.

It is amazing how much Keri Hilson resembles the originator of the voice track, Ajna Surah.

Click the link below to see Ajna Surah’s original IG video:

Link: iamajnasurah

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