Chika hospitalized ICU

Chika took to social media over the weekend to share that she has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit twice in the past month.

The rapper and actress posted a carousel of photos and a video via her Instagram page and the caption read:

been in the ICU twice in the past month and it’s so friggin boring that i have resorted to taking prison photos. enjoy. album in a couple- a weekz. 🥴😭

See Chika’s prison photos below.

Chika did not disclose why she was hospitalized twice, but she did state that she is “chronically ill” while preemptively clapping at anyone who may say she is experiencing “karma.”

She wrote, “Before any stupid a** clingons start yapping about karma, i hope you know you’re saying chronically ill people did something to *deserve* getting sick. shut the f**k up.”

The karma Chika is denouncing is in reference to her drama in June when her offensive rant about a child turned out to be about Zonnique Pullins‘ baby girl, Hunter Zoelle.

Hopefully, Chika will release her negative energy to make space for healing energy.

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