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K. Michelle took to the streets of Twitter to let folks know she was the highest-paid cast member of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

The clarification came after Joseline Hernandez did an interview with Carlos King and noted that she went from making $1,500 per episode when she started the hit reality TV series to $50,000 per episode in her final season.

The Puerto Rican Princess says she believes she was the highest-paid reality star on the show “while she was there.” 

Watch the clip below. 

K. Michelle caught wind of Joseline Hernandez saying she was the highest-paid “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast member and she couldn’t sit by idly and let it sizzle in her spirit.

I just saw something that was an extreme lie. No should I?

The singer and Queen of the Rebels took to Twitter to set the record straight. 

Ummm now y’all don’t have to like me but everything I told y’all has been true. I normally wouldn’t even say anything but it is an accomplishment of me and my lawyer.

I was definitely the highest-paid cast member sorry that’s just the truth. I did very well there. I started off season 1 at $25,000 by the time I left I was way over $50,000 per episode and had 3 seasons of my own show on an actual network.

I don’t say much but numbers don’t lie. I’m just speaking facts.

It’s not that serious but it is something I worked hard for and deserve to speak up on my accolades. I’m always being humble and will remain humble but I need to start giving myself flowers and stop waiting on others. Speak up K.

I was the highest paid and they would even have to limit people’s appearances to pay me and stay in budget. LHH did great for me. It taught me how to be smart about my movements.

Other than Cardi and Jason Lee there is no one who used the show to their benefit like me. I was smart.

I want every1 to shine but don’t lie or run a narrative you’ve created in your head. Respectfully That’s a lie😩😂😂❤️

Y’all still over there still quoting my clapbacks, shaking the table, 4 earrings, shawty lo, AARP. It’s so weird to watch.

See K. Michelle’s original tweets below.

While I understand K. Michelle wants to set the record straight…the truth of the matter is…it’s all Black History now.

I wish K and Joseline the very best in all of their future endeavors.

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