Viral Father/Son Off-White vs. Nike Sneaker Scam Video Sparks Instagram Debate

A very confident son told his dad that he got scammed out of $635 for buying some rip-off Nikes worth $50, and the video has sparked a debate on Instagram.

In the video, the son is adamant that a pair of Off-White sneakers purchased from Nordstrom for $635 are rip-off Nikes.

This is so easy to get.

This is made in 2013, dad nah these ain’t $700.

They probably cost, like, $50.

Yes, I do know what these is and they’re $50.

You got the white rip-off Air Forces, bro.

You know how Nike… this is so similar to Nikes…the check. That’s a check.

Those are some rip-off Nikes. They’re rip-off Nikes.

$635, but these are actually $50.

Dad, you got scammed!

Watch the Father/Son IG video below.

True sneakerheads, in the comments, acknowledge that the shoes are Off-White sneakers valued at $635 from Nordstrom, but a large majority of the commenters side with the son’s confidence.

Click this link to view the sneakers on Nordstrom’s website: Nordstrom’s Off-White Out Of Office Low Top Sneaker (Men)

Scoop some comments below:

Off-White comment 1
Off-White comment 2
Off-White comment 3
Nike comment 4
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Nike comment 6

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  1. The kid is wrong. Those are how they’re suppose to look. Those are Off White sneakers and depending on the size the price could be correct.

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