Shannon Sharpe - Club Shay Shay - Ne-Yo - Lucky Daye

Shannon Sharpe recently welcomed Ne-Yo to “Club Shay Shay” and Unc bout lost his mind when he heard the story of “Lotto” singer Lucky Daye sleeping in Ne-Yo’s bed.

Ne-Yo explained that the incident happened during the time he was planning to sign Lucky Daye.

So, basically, I’m about to go on the road…I gave him access to my house. 

I’m like, ‘Listen, you can post up here. Do what you do. One rule…don’t go in my room.’

Stay out of my room.

So, I go on the road…chatting with the cat back and forth. 

I get home that morning. I go into my room…and ole boy is asleep in my bed with a young lady. 

I’m like alrighty!

So, yeah. I took it upon myself to wake him up and said, ‘Come’ on buddy. You gotta go.’

Shannon Sharpe quickly interjected, “You ain’t wake him up with a right-left?! I would have woke his *ss up with a two-piece!”

Unc added:

I would have gave him breakfast in bed! He gone have to get up out of there.

Ain’t no way he gone be sleeping in my bed. I done told you you can have access to the house, eat all the food in the kitchen…the refrigerator…

I got a five-bedroom crib and you gone bring your monkey a** in my bedroom!?

Ne-Yo went on to share, “We have spoken since then. It’s all love. It ain’t no beef or animosity whatsoever. I’m more than happy for ole boy and what he’s doing in his career.”

Watch the clip below.

Whew! The Heaux Tales I’m sure Ne-Yo could share with Uncle Shannon Sharpe especially when it comes to his ex-wife Crystal Smith and his recently filed paternity suit.

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