'Love & Marriage Huntsville': Martell Holt Checks Tiffany Whitlow For Her Inappropriate Conversation With Shereé Whitfield

In Season 6, episode 8 of “Love & Marriage Huntsville,” Martell Holt invited Tiffany Whitlow out under false pretenses to check her about an inappropriate conversation she had with Shereé Whitfield.

At a previous event, Tiffany sparked up a convo with Shereé.

Right off the bat, Tiffany began to imply that Martell is still in love with his ex-wife Melody Holt, but Shereé handled that shade well.

Tiffany proceeded to drag her shade wagon by asking Shereé how it feels to date a cheater, and Shereé, being quick on her feet, let Tiffany know that she watches the show and she knows that she cheated too.

Shereé’s patience wore thin when Tiffany implied that Martell treats her well because she puts it down in the bedroom.

The look on Shereé’s face was screaming you better be lucky your pregnant.

Watch the Tiffany and Shereé conversation from “Love & Marriage Huntsville” below:

After Shereé told Martell about the conversation she had with Tiffany, Martell arranged a meet-up with Tiffany at Marsau’s Blaque establishment.

Martell told Tiffany that he wanted to talk to her about Selma, Alabama, and the 2023 Bridge Crossing Jubilee Parade, but he really set her up to check her about the inappropriate questions she asked Shereé.

Before Tiffany arrived at Blaque, Marsau Scott was helping Martell study for his GC (General Contractor) test.

Once Tiffany arrived, Martell revealed the real reason why he wanted to meet, and Tiffany’s facial expression was full of shock.

As Martell started questioning Tiffany about the conversation she had with Shereé, Marsau started chiming in throwing sarcastic jabs at Tiffany.

The optics didn’t look good. At the end of the conversation, Martell said he was going to contact Tiffany’s husband, Big Lou, and let him know about the conversation they had.

I’m sure Big Lou is not going to take well to his pregnant wife being asked to a meeting under false pretenses to end up arguing with two men.

Watch the clip below of the Martell and Tiffany argument from “Love & Marriage Huntsville”:

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