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Ne-Yo took to the streets of Instagram over the weekend to get a few things off of his chest regarding the criticism he receives over his personal life.

The R&B star’s personal life has been quite a hot topic on social media and in blogs ever since his now-ex-wife, Crystal Renay Smith, put him on blast for allegedly frolicking with prostitutes and getting another woman pregnant during their marriage.

In August 2022, Crystal Renay filed for divorce from the “So Sick” singer to end their six years of marriage. 

A few months later, she would receive over $1.6 million in the divorce settlement. 

Once the divorce was finalized, Ne-Yo stepped out with his alleged mistress, Sade. 

It wasn’t long before the singer doubled down and welcomed a second child with his alleged mistress.

Sade announced the birth of their second child together, Brixton, in March 2023. 

When Sade took to social media to show off the baby, the comments were brutal. 

One commenter wrote, “Congratulations on your second side baby!”

Another person wrote, “Girls hell gone be hot.” 

Someone else commented, “The way he keeps giving her babies, she might as well be his next wife. But, then he gone get tired of her & go on to the next side piece and have babies with her. SMH.”

Ne-Yo has received his fair share of scrutiny and criticism too. 

But, the Grammy Award-winning singer took to his Instagram Story to let the peanut gallery know that he couldn’t care less about what people say about him and his personal life. 

First, he shared a quote that read, “Some people secretly don’t like me and I openly don’t give a f**k.”

He added, “Even the ones that openly don’t like…”

But, it didn’t stop there. 

Ne-Yo got even more spicy and sassy in his next posts. 

I just need the whole world to understand this. Your opinions of me and my personal life don’t mean ANYTHING to me.

My kids love me. My women love me. My future is bright as f**k!!

I don’t even have time to concern myself with what y’all think.

I feel like the father in ‘The Nutty Professor.’

‘You really think I be listening to you. ION BE LISTENING TO YOU!!’

I might com from the Omarion school of unbortheredness.

I hope every that needs to see this sees it. Cause I’ve already wasted too much time trying to let y’all know.

Feel how you wanna feel about me. Imma still sleep comfortably as hell tonight and every night following.

Meanwhile you mad cause I’m living.…Tf!??

Ne-Yo continued:

How’s that working out for you…?

Ok. Back to regularly scheduled program.

Health smart and beautiful kids, limitless bank accounts, beautiful baby mama’s (Front if you want to. They all bad.)

And lady friends that love my dirty drawls.

‘Life is good…’ (Future voice)

Now run n’ tell the shaderoom I said it.

Sad muthaf**kas.

Ion smile all the time just because my s**t is beautiful.

I smile cause I’m HAPPY AS F**K!!

Go get you some.

See Ne-Yo’s original posts below. 

Now, I have never attended the Omarion University of Unbotheredness nor have I reviewed the curriculum, but I can assure you…nothing about Ne-Yo’s post is giving unbothered.

In closing, the singer is now a proud father of seven: A daughter Madilyn Grace Smith and a son, Mason Evan Smith, from his previous relationship with Monyetta Shaw

He is also a dad to sons, Shaffer Jr. and Roman Alexander, and daughter, Isabella Rose, from his marriage to Crystal Renay.

Ne-Yo also welcomed two children with Sade. 

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