Raz-B is raising eyebrows across social media after he seemingly recanted the abuse allegations he has maintained against Chris Stokes for years. 

The former B2K singer, who now stars on Zeus Networks’ “Bad Boys Texas,” shared a photo of himself and Chris via his official Instagram page along with the caption: 

I’ma made man! Here it goes truth truth – mature grown DeMario after countless counseling

I was abused by bro brother and others They all used and abused me like a rag doll! By the time my cousin took custody over me, I Was a mess.

He was not my enemy, I focused all my pain, frustration, and anger built up from my past, and took it out on my cousin, and I never understood why.

Maybe because b2k broke up and he was no longer in my life, Chris was never my pain he was my protector, my peace and my friend.

People like Steve and the terrible things in Cleveland I told him about, Ricky forcing me to do things, Those are things I should have dealt with, like all the monsters in my life that actually did these things to me.

Chris was never that guy I made the world think he was I Remember why My cousin fought so hard to save me because I needed (Chris), And then I attacked the only person who helped me.

It’s time let the world know the truth Love you my cuzz.

Chris I pray u continue to be my peace and protector ….. I miss u,,,,

P.s MH has always been my favorite artist – immature all day.

See Raz-B’s original post below.


This was just another occurrence in a series of strange and unfortunate events. 

Days ago, Raz-B, whose real name is De’Mario Monte Thornton, went live to show off his broken wrist and told his fans that he fell off of a moving car while trying to get away from a dangerous situation. 

In the videos, Raz says he needs “everybody’s help”… his mother, he needs Chris Stokes, he needs Marques Houston, his brother Ricky Romance, J Boog, and others. 

He began referring to himself as the “prodigal son” and apologized to Chris Stokes.

Raz went on to blame his brother Ricky for having his head in “crazy, crazy, crazy places.” 

He told Chris, “Right now, I need you more than ever.”

Watch the clips below. 

Raz-B’s sudden change of heart and his recanting of the serious allegations against Chris Stokes has left folks confused in Spanish and English.

Read some of the Twitter reactions below. 

There are some things that I just can’t burn brain cells on and the curious case of Raz-B, Chris Stokes, and Marques Houston is one of them. 

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