Penny Hardaway was pulled out of character by a reporter who he said was asking him “stupid questions.”

The former NBA superstar has been coaching the Memphis Tigers NCAA men’s basketball team since 2018.

Recently the team has suffered three straight losses due to a lot of the starting players being out with injuries and COVID-19.

After losing their third game in a row to the SMU (Southern Methodist University) Mustangs, a reporter asked Penny if he was embarrassed by the loss, and Penny went bonkers.

He dropped a couple of F-bombs and told the media to stop asking him “stupid f***ing questions” because they are fully aware he doesn’t have his full roster.

I think the one thing I can say to this media… because this media gets kind of f***ed up sometimes when it comes to me.

We don’t have our full roster. Y’all know we don’t have our full roster. Stop asking me stupid f***ing questions about if I feel like I can do something.”

If I had my roster like they did… then I feel like I can do whatever I want to do.

I’m coaching really hard, my boys are playing really hard, I’m not embarrassed about nothing!

Watch the video below:

I often wondered how coaches felt when reporters ask them rhetorical questions, and now I know.

Thanks Penny Hardaway!