Ja Morant Calls Kid, Who Tried To Dap Him Up, Disrespectful For Wearing A Steph Curry Jersey In Memphis (Video)

Grizzlies point guard, Ja Morant, denied a young Golden State Warriors fan, in Memphis, dap because he had on a Steph Curry jersey.

The Memphis Grizzlies are currently one of the hottest teams in the NBA and Ja led his team to their ninth straight win by beating the Golden State Warriors last night (January 11).

After making a key layup in the fourth quarter, a hyped-up Ja walked to the stands flexing his muscles with excitement.

As he approached a group of young kids wearing Golden State Warriors jerseys, a kid in a white Steph Curry jersey put his hand out in anticipation of Ja dapping him up and making him a part of the moment.

But, Ja turned around and started walking back to the court when he saw the kid’s outstretched hand.

In the post-game press conference, Ja said he didn’t dap the kid up because “he was disrespectful with that jersey on.”

He was disrespectful with that jersey on. We in Memphis. It looked like he wanted to cheer but he had that jersey on. I apologized to him but in that moment, bro, take that jersey off and then dap me up.

Watch the video below:

Ja Morant is considered to be a very nice guy, and he offered to send the kid a Memphis Grizzlies jersey.

But, how you call a kid disrespectful for wearing a Steph Curry jersey?… Curry is considered by most to be the best shooter in the NBA, ever.

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