Omarion Speaks On Meeting His Ex-Wife's New Man, Taye Diggs, For The First Time

Omarion was recently asked on “Sway’s Universe” how the first meeting between him and his ex-wife’s new man, Taye Diggs, went.

Omarion responded:

I just met him for the first time, and he seems like a cool dude, you know what I mean?…

And he has kids of his on. So, you know, and he’s an older man so, you know, I only expect, you know, uh, good things from him.

It was cool, we met at, uh, at my son’s, uh, what they call, when they have, um, it’s like a class project.

I forgot what they call it, but it was a class project, and he came through, and, um, yeah, it was cool…

‘Nice to meet you. 

It’s all good, yup!… 

Your kids are wonderful. 

You already know that… 


You know what I mean?… It’s all good man, enjoy yourself.

You know what I mean?… Enjoy yourself.’

Watch the clip of the Omarion interview from “Sway In The Morning” below:

Omarion’s ex-wife, Apryl Jones, and Taye Diggs went public with their relationship in 2022.

Many people consider them relationship goals because they always appear to be having a blast in their social media posts.

The majority of their posts are comical and consist of singing and dancing.

There have been many rumors about the couple being engaged, but Taye shut those rumors down at one of “The Best Man: The Final Chapters” premiere parties.

Taye Diggs is 52, and Apryl Jones is 36, and despite the 16-year age gap, they appear to be very happy and in love.

It’s great to see that Omarion supports Apryl’s happiness.

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